You have multiple computers on a network but canít seem to figure out why you canít get to them.  We can help you with your networking needs from home networks to large server / workstation networks.  We can help you with your ip, DNS, and DHCP.  Shared devices like printers and data directories can be set up for easy secure access.


Firewalls/Security Products:

Protecting your bussiness and home today from unwanted intruders is a must if you want to keep your info private.  We can help you determine what is the best way to help you stay secure.  Business / Personal Firewalls and network security products can give you that blanket you need to feel secure.


Data Backup & Recovery:

Is your data backed up?

If you need help to make sure all of your pictures or important documents are protected let us know.


Did you format your hard drive or accidently delete files that you really need?

Well give us a call we can retrieve it.

We can help you with your network data control needs as well.

Wireless or Cabling:

Wireless network are a convenient way to setup your network these days with everything being on the go and portable, but wireless network can be of a challange to setup and even picking the right devices.  We can help you engineer the right fit for your location.


Catagory 5e & 6e cabling and jacks along with suggestions of the right hubs and switches to get the job done.

Consulting/Disaster Recovery:

If you need to setup a network or enhance a current network and you don't know where to start.  We provide consulting to help you engineering all of your technology projects from start to finish.


We can provide you with disaster recovery plans so that your company doesn't shut down just because your server or workstation stopped working.

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