About Us

Welcome to RoadDog Computers, LLC,

Our goal is to help you protect your technology investment.  With over 15 plus years in the Information Technology Industry our staff can help you with the simplest home computer needs to complex business networking environments. 

Todayís technology keeps changing with every blink of the eye and we have taken it upon ourselves to help you stay up to date or even give you the training you need to be more efficient with your every day challenges.

Why hire some expensive IT Staff to manage your business environment when we can help you to make sure that your companyís technology investments stay up and running and that your data has been backing-up.

So whether you own a personal computer or a business network donít wait until itís too late, give us a call and set up an appointment so that we can make sure that your investment will last you and you can sleep better knowing that your data has been protected.

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